Let's Make Things Simple, August 1

For years we have indulged ourselves in the belief that our problems could be solved by the sciences. We have deluded ourselves with the idea that more knowledge, more technology and more science would provide the answers. But as valuable as knowledge and science are, they have not changed the nature of our problems, for most of the problems of man lie within the hearts of problems of human conduct and social behavior.

Although those difficulties come to us in modern dress, they are the same old problems that have always plagued mankind: greed, lust, desires for dominion over others, self-righteousness.

If we are to have a better society, it will not be assembled in think tanks or computers. It will be fashioned in the hearts of men. It will be found in seven words. Seven simple words given long ago, "though shalt love thy neighbor as thyself..." This commandment is the core of proper human conduct, and all the science cannot reduce it's potential impact.

How simple the lesson if we could but learn it! Seven words, which if properly applied, could remove most of the anguish from the conduct of human affairs.

But why is the lesson so hard to learn? Perhaps because we look outside ourselves for the answers instead of first looking into our own hearts. If we would begin to change the world, we must begin with ourselves-and that is where, also, true happiness can be found.

Perhaps the difficulty of this great lesson is it's simplicity. "and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.." This message is self-evident and easily understood, but to follow the advise is the great challenge.

Pastor Hans Lillejord