Do Not Be Afraid of the Dark - March 1, 2006

Wise and loving parents have often taught us not to fear the dark. Simply because our eyes do not perceive the familiar surroundings seen in the daylight is no reason to fear our path in taking an unexpected turn into uncertainty. And so it is with life.

Too many fear the future with apprehension, with a fear of facing the unknown, perhaps of something ominous awaiting them. Many even suggest the best of life is past, that they will never again experience the good times they once knew. But gratefully such has not been life's pattern. Reality is seldom as bad as our imagination fears.

Problems and uncertainty are not unique to our times. Our ancestors had no energy crisis, but then, neither did they have automobiles. Heating their homes and obtaining sufficient food supplies were usually tasks considering considerable work and worry. Yet, they lived through their difficulties and discouragements - and we can live through ours.

Life will go on and take us with it, but like our darkened room we will not, or cannot, always perceive the future. We can however, safely assume that familiar objects and landmarks are still there to guide us, not the least of which is a kind, loving Heavenly Father.

As a nation, as families, as individuals, we need the wisdom, the courage, and the honesty to face the facts, to profit from our mistakes, and not let imagined fears or uncertainty dissipate and dispel our ability to tackle the futures. Surely, a people who have left footprints on the moon can find answers to perplexing problems on this sphere, at this point in history.

Call it a new resolution, or a time to take stock. Call it repentance of simply not being afraid of the dark. Call it what you will, it still adds up to our need to be grateful for the privilege of life. Given the right frame of mind, we can profit from the experience of others and from our own mistakes. And with God's help, we can give meaning and purpose to the future. For a future there will always be, and we can meet it knowing it has been met and conquered by others before us.

Pastor Hans Lillejord