Pastor's Monthly Message April 2012

A Need for Balance

As strangers in this world, we find that life requires a balanced effort. We must take part in many events if we are going to fulfill all that we were intended to be. If we are to excel in one area of life, we will surely fall shot in others. Only by approaching our lives with a sense of balance can we be truly successful.

If we overspend, we are spend thrifts; but too little spending can make us stingy and we are called misers. If we laugh too much we can be silly but if we cannot find humor we are very dull. If we talk too much we're overbearing; if we say too little, we're thought of as boring. Some eat too much while some not enough. Some sleep too much while others lack rest. Some ignore proper body care and exercise while others can worship the body.

Balance has an application in everything that we do. The ambitious executive may sacrifice marriage, family, friends, and church - things which matter the most in the long run, in order to achieve things like wealth, fame and power. In this lost condition we hear the Savior's words, "For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul".

God expects us to use wisdom and common sense. He asks for balance and moderation, thoughtfully applying all the truths we know, not emphasizing one at the expense of others.

We need the opportunity to play, and we benefit from hard work, but neither should overshadow the responsibilities to family and our spiritual development. Too much excitement at work or play, like too much of anything, becomes an addiction. It creates a situation in which the stimulus needs to be stronger and stronger in order to provide the thrills that have come to be thought of as an essential part of pleasure. Too much excitement undermines health and dulls the palate for every kind of pleasure.

Even in the practice of religion, we can be unbalanced. It's important that we do not concentrate our efforts in only one area while ignoring other equally important commitments. Prayer, scripture study, sacrifice and Christian service all compete for portions of our time. The emphasis of one at the expense of all others brings us shot of the Lord's expectations.

We all struggle with problems and temptations, with excesses and deficiencies, with failures and successes. But, when life is balanced, the problems are less threatening, the temptations less attractive, and the failures less painful. The balanced life provides never ending opportunities for success, happiness and meaningful satisfaction.

Pastor Hans Lillejord