Pastor's Monthly Message March 2012

A Simple Story

It was a story that was written over 140 years ago. A pioneer family was traveling west in a handcart company. One night as a storm came up, the family made camp. It was then that the family discovered that their six year old son, Arthur, was missing. The parents spread the alarm to the rest of the camp. Someone remembered that earlier in the day they had seen a little boy sitting down to rest in a wooded area. He had been exhausted from the trip.

The following two days were spent by the men of the camp searching for the missing child. And then, with no alternative for the good of the camp, the company continued to move west. The father, Robert Parker, went back by himself to continue to search. As he left, his wife, Anne, pinned a red shawl around his shoulders. She told him that if he found the child dead, he should use the shawl to bury him, but if he was alive to signal them as he came back to camp.

For three nights, Anne, the boy's mother, and her other children watched, and finally just as the sun was setting on the next night, they caught a glimpse of the shawl waving in the last sun rays of the day.

Robert's journal records, "Great joy throughout the camp. The mother's joy, I cannot describe." A nameless woodsman found the terrified boy and cared for him until his father came. Somebody later related the story and asked the question "How would you, if you were in the mother's place, feel about the nameless woodsman who had saved your little son? Would there be anything that he could desire that you could give him that you wouldn't give?"

To sense what those parents felt is to get a clearer idea of what the Lord must feel when we serve and love his children.

We often talk about our gratitude to God. We hope in some small way to show our love for all He does for us and yet we wonder "What can I do for the God of Heaven and Earth?" The answer is so simple. "To Worship rightly is to love each other." We divide our flour when another is hungry. We send comfort when he mourns. We lift him up when the world would drag him down, and with every gesture, we show that we love our Lord.

Pastor Hans Lillejord