Pastor's Monthly Message for June 2011

Avoid Stagnation

Perhaps one of the greatest tragedies of life is stagnation. All else is bearable; poverty can be overcome, ill health can be endured as long as the mind is strong and time can heal misfortune and personal hurts. Stagnation, however, destroys beyond repair; it brings meaningful life to an end, makes happiness impossible, ravages thought and intelligence and sabotages creativity.

Nature herself has issued the decree and has placed a cause on all inactivity. The pond where motion has ceased becomes a stagnant marsh without a sign of life. The species which fails to adopt and develop with changing conditions soon becomes extinct.

The same law applied to human beings; where motion ceases, desolation begins. Our mental, physical, and spiritual well being are dependant on this very principle. All withers and dies without growth. So, progress is not a luxury but a necessity, for the person who stands still goes backwards.

We have forgotten the principle of our creation and birth if we forget how to grow. We were Dorn to grow, to reach out, to develop on a daily basis.
But this is philosophy and philosophy is less painful than reality. Reality is that we all choose to stagnateto some degree. We may remain in a workplace long after development, learning and enjoyment have ceased. Word, such as security, tenure, and
pay scales keep us there, while words such as fulfillment, sappiness and achievement slide into our past.

We might gain a college degree or some other mark of scholarly attainment and then cease formal learning. Altogether, only to learn that it was not reaching the objector that gave us joy but the pursuit.
Ponder life, think of ofhappiness, recall its placein your day toe day activity- in business, marriage, in raising of children, at school; and you will discover that progress and development, challenge and struggle have been synonymous with happiness.

To be in continual motion: learning, finding, expanding- to watch ourselves grow, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, year by year- to pursue one's potential, catching the view of what we might become- that is the essence of a life fully lived.
We may fail at what we strive for, but we must not fail to strive. Once the summit of one mountain is reached,we must look to the horizon and look for another lofty height to conquer, until as the days turn to eternity, we have climbed every mountain.

Pastor Hans Lillejord