Pastor's Monthly Message for May 2011

And The We're Older

Nothing is life is quite as fleeting as the present moment. It passes quickly and becomes forever a memory. A man once mused, "All the best sands of time are somewhere getting into the wrong end of the hourglass". Yes, somehow life does pass more quickly than we think and suddenly we are older.

The philosopher, Cicero, put the passing of time into a better perspective when he compared the aging process to the passing of the season. And a wise man, he said, will no more lament his entrance into old age than a gardener will lament the arrival of the blooms and the fruit he has neutered during spring and summer. The proper fruit to be gathered in the winter of our days, according to Cicero, is "to be able to look back with self approving satisfaction and the happy and abundant produce of more active years".

As we move toward the winter of our lives we must remember, as the apostle Paul said, that "whatsoever as man soweth, that shall he also reap". With the passing of each fleeting moment we build what we can, but refer to as a "storehouse of memories". Each moment has the potential to become a treasured memory or an unwanted recollection. Both are written into our minds with indelible ink.

As we age, we make use of our memories to give us courage in the face of fear, to give us knowledge, to call to remembrance what has been learned and experienced, to renew our faith in the good things of life. How important it is that we use each moment of our lives in a positive way. With as much concern for future memories as for the momentary pleasures of the present. How important then it is to fill the storehouse of our minds with the kind of memories which we can benefit from, over and over again, through the years.

We have forgotten more than we will ever remember. And even if through the years, our aging takes its toll on our physical bodies, the hope, the excitement and the exuberance for the younger years can retain much of their vitality through warm, wonderful memories. This thought is expressed in these lyrics;
Though springs warm rain has turned to sleet It still is spring in memory.
And though the years have slowed these feet A youthful heart still runs to thee,
Though suddenly we're older.

Pastor Hans Lillejord