Pastor's Monthly Message for April 2011

God Forces No Person

Almost any person who has lost their freedom will readily agree that of all God's gifts, not one is more important than freedom. This freedom allows us to worship God in any manner that we choose, and by the same freedom, reject Him completely. "God will force no person to heaven", said Will Clegg.
As we have said many times, and in the last two sermons, freedom carries with it a responsibility to understand the wisdom, love and light which God provided us to guide us in our lives. But the choice is still ours as is the responsibility for the consequences.

Today is a new day, a new chance to decide how we will use our gift of freedom. It can be wasted on the trivial or it can be utilized for some great good. What is important, is to remember that part of our life will be spent this day and permanently written in our life record. It can then be a day of gain or a day of loss. The choice is ours. Hopefully it will be a day of success not failure; and happiness not sorrow.
We should realize that the price we pay for this day is premium and absolute. This is the problem with time. Once spent it is irrevocable. So, we must consider well what we purchase with our time. We should live in a manner we will not regret the price we pay for each day.

By God's grace, we hold in our hands both the freedom and the time to do what we will with our lives. It is my hope that I squander neither, but rather reap the rewards of golden moments well spent.

Pastor Hans Lillejord