Pastor's Monthly Message for March 2011

The Secret of Success

There is an old proverb which says, "if a man is lucky, you can throw him into the river and he will swim out with a pearl in his hand". Others have suggested that there are some who constantly stumble into prosperity in spite of themselves. Yes, doesn't it seem that way, that there are others (certainly not us) who seem to have all the luck. Success follows them or certainly as summer follows spring. They are the ones who rise through the ranks of any group to emerge as the leader, who have full checking accounts and whose dreams don't turn to dust.

All too often our attempts to be like one of them, to move in a more satisfying life, is in reality no attempt at all. We wait, thinking some lucky break will come our wally and change our life. We might think something will come in the mail or someone winotice our hidden talent, and then we'll move ahead. Or we wait till tomorrow, believing it will feel different than today — and when it comes and it doesn't, we wait for another day.

The truly successful have a different approach, quite the opposite from waiting. It is action. When an opportunity comes their way, they grasp it. If they have a good idea, they believe in it and won't shake loose. An eminent medical pioneer is said to have a sign over his desk which says, "I've been lucky. The harder I work, the luckier I get".

In summary, what the truly successful seem to do is crush the spirit of procrastination that haunts them as it does every human being. They have learned that a hesitant heart will lead them nowhere. They have learned that the security that comes from never taking a risk is no security at all. This earth, after all, is not a safe place to be, and the safety seekers who procrastinates his best intentions and his best dreams for fear of failure must soon realize that he/she is not safe anyway. Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing.

We must stifle the voice which suggest, that tomorrow is a better day to try. We must stifle the whispers that say "you can't" and ignore those who say "you're not capable". Those who seem lucky are actually those who lay aside their fears and doubts and with the secret knowledge's of their own inadequacies, gather together the determination to start today to be what they really want to be! ,

Pastor Hans Lillejord