Pastor's Monthly Message for December 2010

The Light of the World

This last Sunday the first Sunday in Advent, we talked about Isaiah's reference to . Christ as the Light of The World. We are reminded that we are to be reflectors of that light. We are to shine also.

There is in each one of us, the desire to do right, to do good. We love and are loved, we hope for the future, we learn from the past. In very good deed that we perform, in every pleasure that we receive from doing good, there is evidence of the goodness in us.

And, there is evidence of our purpose in the world. Consistent with our natures, we are born to do good, to be good, to make the world a better place, and, in the process, to refine ourselves.

The impulse to do good springs not only from our eternal natures., but also from the Light of Christ, a light that permeates the world, touching and influencing all things, a light that call all of us to return to a loving Father in heaven who gave us life.

However, though the Light of Christ is in each of us and shines through us to the World, there are many in whom this goodness is dimmed-clouded by what they do and by what they do not do. The ability we have to choose means we are free to choose, free to choose even against ourselves; free to choose even against the truth that is in us.

And when we choose to do evil, to look away from goodness, a mist settles between us and the Light. Just as we are not infallible, neither is the goodness in us infallible-it must be protected to stay bright.

The good work of God is a sweet work. It is the work for which we were born. It is a work designed to make the world better, it is a work designed to make us better than the world. We know this; it is in the very center of our being, in our heart. We feel this; and we are drawn to it by all that we love and by all of those who love us. We are drawn to it by the Light of Christ who is in us to inspire us, to bind us one to another in love, and ultimately, to call us home.

Pastor Hans Lillejord