Pastor's Monthly Message for November 2009

A Most Basic Need

Our needs in life are many and varied not the least of which is prayer to almighty God. We say to the Lord, "Hear our prayer", not because he is in need, but because we are in need. Many times when we want to help others, it is because we, ourselves, are in want of something, the desire to be wanted and needed.

It is sometimes difficult to satisfy this need in our complex society, because our world has changed so much throughout the ages. So has the means of service. But the need to serve and give of ourselves has always remained.

We are most richly rewarded when we help others on a one-to-one basis. Modern living requires us to be dependant on others for most of which we have. But that dependence is usually on people we never see, quite a contrast to the earlier times when neighbors helped neighbors build their homes, till their soil and weave their fabric. The fact that our world is specialized and complex need not take away from us the opportunity to enrich ourselves by serving others and being served by them There is no opportunity to enrich ourselves by serving others and being served by them There is no faster way to get closer to a person than to be asked to do something for them. Ina way we are being told that we have a needed ability, a talent that is valuable.

Most of our deep and lasting friendships are built on our willingness to help someone in a moment of need-out of our need for each other. We truly appreciate an individual when we are able to do something for them.

Our involvement with others and the opportunity to serve them brings happiness. And it is most keenly felt when it is a person-to-person involvement through church service, volunteer work or simple neighborliness.

Yes, we need each other. But more than that, we need to be needed. Not so much because others need our help, but because we need the self-esteem and satisfaction of knowing that we have served our fellowman.

Fortunately, life was not intended to be lived alone, and our relationship with each other is the very integral part of the life we live.

Pastor Hans Lillejord