Pastor's Monthly Message - May 2008

Just a Mother

What a mistake it is to think that motherhood is an outdated or menial task, or that being a mother is not prestigious. Common sense rejects this false notion: history contradicts it; and truth disproves it. And yet, how often have we heard this apologetic response, "I am just a mother" as if the title needed defending.

Just a Mother...

"My boy is not stupid", said one such mother when her son brought home a note from a teacher, saying her boy was too stupid to learn. "I will teach him myself",she said. She produced Thomas Alva Edison. Just a mother brought refinement and culture into a nineteenth-century peasant cottage in Poland, Madame Curie, Nobel Prize winner and benefactor of mankind was the result. "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother", concluded one man near the close of his life. A man who had spent his boyhood in a log cabin, and had gone to occupy this country's White House, and to save a nation, and emancipate people, Abraham Lincoln.

Just a Mother...

Men are what their mothers make them. Not governments, not schools, not churches, but mothers are the fundamental ARCHITECTS OF GREAT MEN AND GREAT WOMEN. To mothers alone is entrusted the awesome responsibility to train the mind of an Einstein, to light the poetic flame of a Longfellow, to instill the compassion of a Florence Nightingale, or to nurture the genius of Michelangelo. From wherever we stand, we look back toward the hazy dimness of our childhood whence we came, and with moist eyes, acknowledge the font of our learning and character: Our mothers. Just a mother acting confidently and responsibly in hr role as human engineer, who is un-fearful of ridicule, is unmindful of fame, and does what love bids will cast the shadow of her influence over the world.

- Pastor Hans Lillejord