Pastor's Monthly Message - September 2007

We Are What We Think

The words of Emerson suggest that there is something stronger than material force - something more than just what we can see and feel and smell and touch. Thoughts rub the world, indeed, mankind. "We are what we think" is a common saying. Thoughts, it seems, are the starting flare for all that ever has been.

Did not the creator make the mid the most complex and intricate part of this amazing machine we call a body? In fact, so complex is the mind that it alone can control the soul - even to the degree of eliminating pain, causing illness, telling us things are true when they are not - even to the point where we believe them.

"As (a man) thinketh... so he is", say the scriptures. Why, then, let ourselves be dropped down by degrading thought? "Think on pleasant things", said one. "Deliberately turn your thoughts to something pleasant when the pressures are too tense. And, be careful, as undisciplined thought quickly shifts back to the unhappy, unsettled mind".

George Bernard Shaw said, "A pessimist is a man who thinks everybody is as nasty as himself". Cannot the opposite be true - an optimist is a person who thinks everybody is as happy as himself? In perfect thoughts, like unsavory characters, can come to anyone's door; but we do not have to let them in. How much better is it to have pleasant, loving, wholesome, productive thoughts.

"Habit is a cable", said Horace Mann. "We weave a thread of it every day, and at last we cannot break it". Should we not begin today to weave a habit of thinking good thoughts, of keeping minds clear of thoughts that will pull us to the depths of despair? If we think a god thought new, next time it will be that much easier. If we are to become honest, pure, lovely, victories and praiseworthy, then - as Paul wrote, "think on these things".