Pastor's Monthly Message - May 2007

On the world's highest mountains there is a point beyond which no tree can grow. The air is too cool and the growing season too short to sustain a mighty tree. But htere is some plant life in the alpine meadows above the tree line: wildflowers especially adapted for the harsh conditions. Instead of being long-stemmed and large like the flowers lower on the mountain, they are tiny and hug the ground for warmth. Their growing season is short, and perhaps most interesting, some of the flowers face the rising sun in the morning and tun to follow its light all day, until when the sun sets, the flower faces west - a marvelous adaptation to a fierce environment. No longer-stemmed, large flower from the lower reaches could survive above the tree line.

Adaptation seems to be one of nature's great laws, and it ought to be one of ours as well. For while there is a constant in our lives of eternal laws which must be obeyed, much else about us seems to change. At one time in our life we are the children of parents; at another we are the parents to the child. Our life may bing us days of companionship and love: IT MAY BRING US DAYS OF LONELINESS. A sunny day s not constant, for there is no growth without the rain. Yes, all about us and within us, there is always change.

As an unknown writer suggested, "There is no point at which having arrived, we can remain." Life is like a river. At no point can we step in and call it fixed, even if we would like to. A moment may be so precious we would like to clutch it to us and hold it there, bu tit always passes on.

What are we to do, then, we mortals for whom the landscape so often changes? Like the alpine flowers beyond the tree line, we must adapt to survive.

Life may not meet our best expectations; our rigid schedule may have to be redone; our tastes based on the quirks of our own personality may have to be widened. Whatever circumstance life may thrust upon us, we must be ready to learn from it and live with it. We cannot call back the past. We cannot lament forever the circumstances that wouldn't conform to our will. When life doesn't meet our highest hope, we must simply press forward with courage, willing to give, unwilling ever to give in, always aware that life changes.

---Pastor Hans Lillejord