Santa Lucia...2018--December 09....7:00p.m.

Legend of Lucia
Santa Lucia was born of noble and wealthy parents in Sicily and was christened Lucia, from lux meaning light. Her father died when she was a infant and her mother raised her in the Christian faith. She vowed at a early age to remain a virgin and to devote her life to serving Christ an the poor. She did not tell anyone about this. Her mother wanted her to marry a man who was not a believer and Lucia resisted.
A story tells of Lucia bringing food to Christians hiding in caves. There are many accounts of miracles about her. One year when Sweden was going through a famine and people did not have much to eat,a brilliantly lit ship came sailing across the stormy waters of Lake Vannam. A beautiful young women dressed all in white stood at the helm and her face was radiant and a glow of light was all about her head. It was Lucia who came with a ship load of food for the hungry and she gave it to all who where in need.

Lucia would not renounce her faith. She was martyred on December 13 at the age of 20 years. Thus the celebration of Santa Lucia continues on December 13 in many places and the emphasis is on Christian love and sacrifice. In Sweden, The eldest daughter in the house plays the part of Lucia and brings coffee and food to members of the family early in the morning of December 13.
Santa Lucia is remembered for her sacrificial giving to the poor and her devotion to Christ.