Pastor's Monthly Message...September,2017

Inner Space

One of the most interesting and most captivating experiences of government in the last sixty years has been the exploration of outer space. I was reminded of this fairly recently when I again visited the Space Center in Houston Texas. At the time of this writing, the space program seems much less active than it once was but there is still a lot of interest in the mystery of outer space. And while there is so much to examine in outer space, there should also be a deep interest in our inner space, the seat of our thoughts, emotions, our inner soul. There is a great need to pay attention to this mystery as well. When we talk to each other about ourselves, we most often talk about ourselves as physical beings and forget that our spiritual self even exists or needs constant monitoring. We need to care as much for our inner selves as much as our bodies. Jesus said, "What does it profit a man if he gains the world and loses his soul."
We do need to make our lives more simple, to slow down, to handle our problems, one day at a time so that we do not become overburdened with all the adversities that life throws at us. We need to learn how to be alone with our thoughts and with ourselves. We can look for places as a refuge from the world but none is better than the retreat within ourselves and to find immediate tranquility there. As the hymn suggest, no situation can be too tough when "All is well with my soul".
Taking care of my inner soul should be an ultimate priority for my life. The benefits are numerous. Doctors have assured us that a person with good inner capacities is apt to age at a much slower rate than those without them. Character is strengthened and improved and statistics show us that people of good character are usually more successful in life than those with questionable character, even if the latter are more intelligent. "Peace of mind" is another great blessing which comes from a well-developed "inner space". People with a well developed inner space usually have much more rewarding relationships with others, more enjoyment in their work, as well as greater strength to carry on through the trials and tribulations of life.
We are all challenged to develop our "inner lives" and if we rise to that challenge we will have a soothing restorative balm in our lives which heals the "sin sick soul."

Rev. Hans Lillejord