Pastor's Monthly Message....September...2015

Not An Idea, But An Action!
Fred Speakman in his book "Love Is Something You Do" suggests that the word "love" is really a verb and not a noun. In other words "Love" is not simply a feeling, a thing, some kind of inanimate object, but, rather, an action, something accomplished, something done.
The word "love" in the New Testament is, among other things, a verb. As it is used by Jesus in the New Testament, it almost always has something to do with specific actions or deeds. To love our neighbor as Jesus describe it, was to feed the hungry, clothe the naked or visit the sick. To love our enemies is to pray for him, and treat him with kindness, and even turn the other cheek. And to love God is to keep his Commandments.
In each case, love is defined in terms of an action. Christian Love" then is not only a principal, a thought, or expression. To be properly defined it must go beyond theory to active demonstration and application. The first and great Commandment that Jesus taught us was to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul" and the second Commandment is to "love your neighbor as yourself." These are mandates to act. It is no more possible to truly love God and man without action than to transmit light by memorizing a fact of nature.
The divine love of God toward us, his children, is also based on action. Because of love, the world was created, the stars and the planet put in their orbits; and man (us) started on the path to eternal life. It was the great love of Christ that had led Him to the cross to act out in pain the greatest demonstration of universal affection. With this in mind, let us remember that all of our most charitable feelings and intentions toward our fellow humans weigh less than one "act" of love. Thoughts and words of love require action, works of love. Love is truly a verb.

Pastor Hans Lillejord