Pastor's Monthly Message.....September..2014

The Uncommonness of The Common

One of the things I’ve learned as I grow older is that many of the things I value most in life are those things which are most common, the everyday things of life. One author wrote, “Genius is recognizing the uniqueness in the unimpressive. It is looking at the homely caterpillar, an egg or a selfish infant and seeing a butterfly, an eagle and a saint”. If that is the essence of geniuses, then perhaps all of us have quite a bit of geniuses within us, or at least, the potential of geniuses. It is that natural curiosity of a child which makes them stare at a bug or watch the clouds drift by and be awed by it. Those little, common things of nature amaze us when we are young. As we grow older, we find our lives becoming more complicated and then we began to lose sight of some of life’s most valuable and lovely things.
The artists and creative people make a life out of digging deeper into the sights and sounds that so many of us pass over as being too familiar to concern us. The poet, Robert Frost, stopped at various places in his travels, a fork in the road, the edge of a grove of trees, a snow covered field and drew marvelous symbolism and messages for all mankind. Every one of us could do the same and create our own creative experiences if we only would sensitize our spirits to the goodness and beauty around us.
Perhaps no area of our lives do we need this appreciation for the common things as we do in our relationships with each other. Often the common things people do are what make people uncommon, special, caring and appreciated. Their common care and concern for everyone makes them uncommon. Also, in terms of our spiritual lives, the common practices of regular Worship, Prayer and Bible reading make for uncommon Christians.
And so for as who have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to feel, the common things and so – called common people of this world are in reality a multitude of little miracles waiting for us to discover such discoveries that might be of the greatest value and bring us the greatest peace. It is true that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but what is also true is that we are the beholders and create the beauty in the commonness of life.

Pastor Hans Lillejord