Pastor's Monthly Message.....October..2013

Realizing Our Potential

Sadly, if most of us were really honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that our potential is greater than the product of our lives. Most of us need to admit that we are only partially aware of the full range of our abilities. Why is this? Because most of us are not willing to take risks. Most of us are not willing to take failure. A successful businessman once told a group of college students that the reason for his success was that he was not afraid to fail.
One virtue of modern higher education is that it forces us to enter into a variety of classes or activities that may not be of our own choosing-at which time we may well fail. Education is a lifelong vocation: but when we're left on our own, we tend to stay with things that we do well and to avoid the things that we've tried and failed or never tried at all.
We also need to free ourselves from the web of social pressure which makes us spend so much time asking ourselves, "What will people say?" or social situations that makes us compromise our principles and beliefs because "everybody's doing it".
One of the interesting things about life is that nearly everyone knows of ways they would like to improve their lot in life, but hardly anyone is willing to improve themselves or take the risk to do so. Self improvement, self discipline and the establishment of strong values and standards in our lives are absolutely essential and should be life long pursuits.
In trying to expand our abilities, we should not overlook the spiritual potential that lies within us. A careful nurturing of our spiritual nature will help release many dormant talents. The Bible tells us to make Jesus our cornerstone in life in order to deal with the many stresses and trials in our lives. He will help us in all endeavors, both spiritual and temporal. He will help us to become more aware of all the untapped resources within us. To do this, we need to only call upon His name and make Him the central part of our lives. He will open up your life and let you experience new and unfamiliar territory in your otherwise ordinary life.