Pastor's Monthly Message...January..2016

What is your Motivating Force? Nearly all the things we do in life are brought about by one thing or another. This includes our basic needs such as eating and sleeping as well as work and recreation. All of these things occur because some inner or outer motivation moves us to action. The challenge for us is to acquire control over these impulses so that we do the right thing for the right reasons.
There are a number of people who regret their influence and positions in life because they sought after them for the wrong reasons. Sometimes we fool ourselves into believing that our actions are for a wonderful cause when, in fact, the true motivation was for a dishonest or unethical reason. When that seems to be the case, we usually discover that it is for one of two reasons - money or power.
A newspaper columnist once observed that the desire for power leads the list of motivating forces. "Men will do for power what they will not do for money", he was quoted as saying. Still, money is still the most popular motivating force. There are many more people who go astray choosing the almighty dollar than there are who falter in search of power.
I have spoken of the need for a strong work ethic and the value of doing honest work. A most important point to remember is that if we work solely for a paycheck without a sense of purpose and achievement, we probably will suffer a sense of unhappiness.
When students graduate in the spring they need to make decisions about their futures, we need to remind them that their decisions need to be based on something more than financial rewards. There is more to happiness than a large bank account - more to life than money can buy. We have come to realize the need and value of an adequate motivated economic system and the need for an adequate income. The homes we live in, the clothes we wear, the places we go and the way we get there - all involve the exchange of money. Still, we must be careful to not let money be the prime motivator of our lives.
Many people do understand the need for additional goals in life; good work, personal achievements, pride and love for our fellowmen. Without proper motivations, life would lose it's meaning.
There are many things in life which motivate us, but we must acquire control over our impulses so we don't pursue our ambitions for the wrong reason.

Pastor Hans Lillejord