Pastor's Monthly Message.....January..2015

A New Year

There comes a day each year when the year looks ahead with fantastic possibilities, each day yet untouched by sadness, failure, regret and the wishes of broken dreams. We make a number of optimistic resolutions and promise to give up old habits which have plagued us, sometimes for years. It is New Years Day, the beginning of a untainted year. It is our special time to hope, dream, renew and kindle new fires. Never again will the opportunities that present themselves this year even come back in the same way again. In Billy Graham’s words
“It is the hour of decision”. So we decide that the time is now to cast aside fear and exhaustion and become the persons we want to be.
There is a story of the great artist Donte Rossetti, who was one day speaking with an elderly man in his studio. Rossetti was asked by the man to critique some paintings and drawings which he had recently done. Rossetti was very candid with the other artist and told him he could see no real value in them. At that point, the artist drew from beneath his coat another set of drawings and sketches and showed them to Rossetti. The man said that these drawings and sketches were the work of a young artist he knew. Rossetti had a completely different response to these. Rossetti mused that this artist showed real promise and that these drawings portrayed a sensitive and creative spirit. He predicted a great future for this young man. The old man said “I was that student”.
What is that gulf that lies between what we might have been and what we have become?
There are those who would say that we aim to low and others who would speculate that we all underestimate our abilities and settle for to much less than we could.
Yet, when all is said and done, the reason most of us don’t achieve what we could have is a problem of attention, we simply wear out. The great dream we had, shown like a light on the hill above flickered over time. We are led astray by all kinds of distractions and we cannot focus when we turn back to the light of our dream. Then the light, our light, goes dim and sometimes goes out completely. We reward ourselves with simple explanations of our failure. We explain by saying we have become more realistic, we see things more clearly, we understand our limitations. Yet, when we see someone who succeeds in accomplishing their dreams because they were willing to give it their all, we are filled with regret and sometimes envy.

As the New Year stretches before us, let us more fervently steer a course that is guided by that gleam, the gleam of the dreams which leads us to all that is possible.

Pastor Hans Lillejord