Pastor's Monthly Message......February...2015

Where Are We Going - A Memorial
I write this month's message as I prepare for two funerals in our congregation, two members who were longtime members and active, contributing, faithful Christians. As I think about the funerals, I am reminded that much will be the same in the obituaries and services, yet they will be different. In our world, everyone and everything is just a little unique; almost nothing is identical, every person, flower, tree, and animal is unlike every other. However, there is something similar in all living things, they are all in motion. Nothing is this universe, that is alive stands still. From the largest planet to the smallest neutron inside an atom, nothing stands still, everything is active.
If all life is in continual motion, the next question we might ask is this, "Where is it all going?" Is all this movement just happenstance, controlled by cold, unfeeling, laws of physics going about its business?
From our vantage point, it is impossible to tell where it is all going because of our prospective and our narrow range of vision and experience. Our field of vision is so limited and short.
However, we are not left without direction in our quest for meaning in all creation. Theologians, clergy, poets, inspired scientists, musicians and others have felt the whispering of the Holy Spirit and have seen a guiding hand behind this constant movement. They have seen direction and distinction in its flow. That destination has been given different names. Wagner writes of the "Pilgrim's Chorus" with strong implications that it means more than just an earthly pilgrimage. Brahms writes of a better land we are bound for in his "How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place."
The destination can be described differently but the feeling is always the same. There is a brighter hope for tomorrow, a glorious destination for human beings and for all of God's creation.
We shall not wander aimlessly, as Christians in a purposeless universe until light, heat and energy dissipate and the whole creation dies. Nor shall we go on and on forever running in circles. The Lord says we will progress. We shall go forward haltingly and stumbling at times. But we will hold fast to the bright hope that eventually, through the grace of God, we will go with His guidance and will arrive at the fair land which every inspired observer has promised and prophesized.
In memoriam - James Walenta and Ruby Boecker

Pastor Hans Lillejord