Pastor's Monthly Message..December...2017

The Potential Within Us

We are often reminded that we rarely live up to our potential in our lives. The problem often seems to be that none of us are really aware of what that potential is. What exactly is the range of our abilities? Maybe it is because we don't examine ourselves a lot, perhaps we're afraid to take risks or we lack the courage to risk failure. Most people who are successful have failed at many things in life.
One of the virtues of a formal education is that it requires us to test ourselves in areas or activities that are not of our own choosing - at which time we might fail. Learning is a lifelong endeavor, but when we are on our own, we have a tendency to restrict ourselves to the things we are familiar with and which we do reasonably well. We have a tendency to avoid things which are a challenge, once tried or that we have tried and failed at.
We also need to free ourselves from asking ourselves the questions,
What will people say?" and from putting ourselves in social situations where we compromise our beliefs and principals because "everybody is doing it".
One of the paradoxes of life is that almost everyone wants to improve their circumstances, but hardly anyone wants to improve himself or herself, or at least take a risk to do so. Self-discipline, self-improvement and the establishment of strong values and standards in our lives are all essential and should be lifelong goals.
In trying to expand our abilities, we should not overlook the spiritual strength and potential which lies within us. A careful caring of our spiritual nature will help release many dormant talents.
The Bible tells us to make the Savior and the things of the spirit the cornerstone of our lives in order to deal with the inevitable stresses or trials of life. We have been reminded that it is upon the rock of the Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that we must build our foundation.....a foundation which will not fail those who build upon it.
This directive is a plain and simple, risk-free prescription for success. Yes, the Lord will help us in all our endeavors, both spiritual and secular, and He will help us become aware of the untapped resources within us if we will only call upon His Holy name and make Him the central part of our lives.

Rev. Hans Lillejord