Pastor's Monthly Message...April..2018

Called To Be One An American writer commented on a festival that was attended by a young group of American college students. This event was held in an East European city. The students were apprehensive because they were in a country that was not known for its political friendliness to the United States. There were many different countries which were represented, many of those also not friendly to our Country. It was not long before all fear was dissolved. The smiles on the faces of the American students was matched by the smiles of the multinational representatives around them. The event was an international dance festival. Soon the music was playing and everyone joined in the dancing. There was no common language but the young dances from all over the world were so quickly intermixed that it was soon impossible to tell who was from where. But it didn't matter, they were all enjoying the common bond of dance and the association as members of the same human family. They had learned a truth that we all know best so often seem to forget. Beneath the screaming headlines, the political propaganda, most people are pretty much the same. People help their neighbors, help their children, want to be appreciated and would like to leave this world a little better than they found it. It is always important to emphasize our human similarities, because we are rapidly being pulled into what social scientist call "a global village". Supersonic jet planes move people from one culture to another in a matter of hours. Orbiting satellites send words or pictures to every corner of the world in a instant. The barriers of space and time are coming down. Our separate roads are coming together and we must learn to live together on our shrinking planet. Edwin Markham noted that "there is a destiny which makes us brothers". " None goes this way alone!" We, like the student dancers, need to enjoy each other's company, bury our hatreds, forget our prejudices. Our eternal destiny is to be one of the human family. It is especially important that all who claim the name of Jesus as our religious choice, learn to form a loving human brotherhood which sets an example to the world that the love we claim is the love we demonstrate. I ask you to work to catch that vision of oneness, to guild the brotherhood that will bring us together as children of the eternal Father in heaven. Rev. Hans Lillejord