Pastor's Monthly Message May 2013

Let Faith Replace Fear

In this country, as in most of our world we have become increasingly fearful about the health of our economic system. So many factors have eaten away at our confidence and have affected the currencies in almost every nation. In our own country the value of our dollar continues to decline and incomes have either not risen, or in many cases, declined or ceased.
The consequence of the economic sickness will affect almost everyone; the young couple’s dream of owning a house may be postponed. Meeting the educational needs of children is becoming more difficult for their parents, and the retirement hopes of the elderly are being used up to pay for the more expense demands of present day living.
As it is with the diseases that attack the human body, the causes of the economics cancer are more complex. Without question, the deficit spending of governments and by individuals is partly to blame. Declines in the rate of worker production along with the great number of individuals in our society who consume without producing must also bear some of the responsibilities for these uncertain economic times. These contributing factors must be dealt with in the same way that the causes of many diseases are handled; they must be isolated and eliminated as much as possible.
There is one other factor that is more problematic to the economic system than those I have just mentioned., and that factor is fear; fear that the future will not alter the problems of the past, fear that the economic system will collapse, the fear that the traditional values which have made our nation a strong and vibrant economic system are no longer relevant. Fear itself is the greatest threat to our economic system.
The cure for fear is faith – not ill founded faith that believes everything will resolve itself without work or sacrifice, but a confidence that has been demonstrated by thousands of businessmen in this country, who have proven that the tenants of our free enterprise are sound. They are individuals who have placed their talents, resources and expertise on the open market and have received the dividends for their efforts.
It is this faith in hard work, honest production, and open competition that will provide the healing for our present ills.
We will overcome our doubts. We will accept the gift of faith from the one who conquered all fears and said to us “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither be afraid”. God is with us in all areas of our life, and to Him be glory forever.