Pastor's Monthly Message April 2013

Spring, the Season of Resurrection

With Easter, the seasons of the year change and the cold, dull grey of winter turns to spring. We celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior and we also celebrate the resurrection and renewal of God's creation, the earth, the planet which we inhabit.

Flowers put forth their roots and shoots and the grasses which were dull, grey or brown turn green again and we sense the renewal of life.

In the North, the snow melts and becomes the life giving rivers of water which bring new life to the seeds the farmers plant. For those who believe, the regeneration of spring is also a witness to the divine creator. In the spring, death gives way to life; and all the resurrections of the season reveal a more abundant world, more filled with hope with a promise of a new harvest to come.

The evidence of God's love and plans should not only be evident in the season but also in each of us. We are witnesses to the truth of spring, but our lives are also a renewing testimony of the God who gave them. Isn't it strange, then, that many of the same people whose lives testify of God do themselves deny him? Many people look at the miracle of Easter and the annual renewal of the earth and do not see any divine plan. They see instead a mere work of change, a random association of some natural selection. How strange it is that the handiwork should deny the hand that the created should deny the creator. How incredible that men should look on Spring and not see in it the miracle of God's creation? How incredible that men can look at Easter and not see the hope of salvation.

We say, in the church, that when God made us to be his children, He also made us free to choose. It's called "free will". We are indeed, free to choose. So it is that we may choose to see, to believe, to hope, or to be blind, to ignore, to doubt. Spring is beautiful for both the believer and unbeliever. The sun is also bright, the days as warm for both the believer and unbeliever. But for those who see in the spring the power of resurrection and salvation, the same sun is ever more welcome. Because, for the believer, the hope of spring shines in every moment and is present in every opening flower and greening field. We see Christ all around us and the power of God's love in every movement. We see a world in which all creatures are creations of our God; and we know this season this spring is a testimony to him and a reassurance of the miracle of resurrection.