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"The Upside of Rejection"

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Pastor's Monthly Message...October..2017

Think Beyond The News Headline

There was a time when men and women knew their neighbors when all the people in the little towns knew their neighbors by their first names. There was a time when the news of births and deaths, sickness and good fortune was passed from mouth to mouth, house to house until everyone in the town either reveled in the joys or grieved in sadness.
When the church bells in my little town rang out the news of someone who had passed away, all stopped to ask for whom the bells tolled. People counted the rings which told the age of the departed soul. One ring might have indicated a baby who died in childbirth, a dozen rings could announce the death of a pre-teenager who died in an accident and eighty rings would sadly announce the passing of a revered senior citizen.
That was then and this is now. The brave new world of today is larger and more complex. The newspapers and electronic news have replaced the bell tower. We know more about what happens in our world today, but distance separate us from the emotional effect of tragic events. We sit quietly in our recliners and read the headlines; a short flight away an earthquake has killed hundreds of people, a hurricane has leveled an entire island or an entire city. we watch and see children who are starving or are trying to cling to life as homeless orphans. Then we causally fold the newspaper and take the remote and change the channel of our TV to catch a football game or to see some make-believe actor perform make believe tragedies on make-believe stages.
And as we live on with lots of information but little feeling; so and so is dead but we didn't know him. A town we've never been to has sunk in a sea of mud and a distant nation of people starves to death for lack of bread.

"Promise Keepers"

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"God is Not Fair"

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"Understanding Forgiveness"

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"Write Your Own Obituary"

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The Sixty Four Thousand Dollar Question!

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Pastor's Monthly Message...September,2017

Inner Space

One of the most interesting and most captivating experiences of government in the last sixty years has been the exploration of outer space. I was reminded of this fairly recently when I again visited the Space Center in Houston Texas. At the time of this writing, the space program seems much less active than it once was but there is still a lot of interest in the mystery of outer space. And while there is so much to examine in outer space, there should also be a deep interest in our inner space, the seat of our thoughts, emotions, our inner soul. There is a great need to pay attention to this mystery as well. When we talk to each other about ourselves, we most often talk about ourselves as physical beings and forget that our spiritual self even exists or needs constant monitoring. We need to care as much for our inner selves as much as our bodies. Jesus said, "What does it profit a man if he gains the world and loses his soul."
We do need to make our lives more simple, to slow down, to handle our problems, one day at a time so that we do not become overburdened with all the adversities that life throws at us. We need to learn how to be alone with our thoughts and with ourselves. We can look for places as a refuge from the world but none is better than the retreat within ourselves and to find immediate tranquility there. As the hymn suggest, no situation can be too tough when "All is well with my soul".

The Power of Persistence

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Do you want to walk on water?

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